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A Message from the Athletic Director Regarding Beaver Backers

I am excited to be entering my fourth year as Athletic Director of Pratt Community College. I am proud of what we have accomplished in my previous three years and look forward to another great year of Beaver Athletics. One of the biggest highlights last year was seven of our athletic teams garnering Academic Team of the Year status and our wrestling team earning Academic Team of the Year for the 10th straight time.
As I strive to improve our athletic department, I am fortunate to have great support both from our President, Dr. Calvert, and our Board of Trustees. Community support has also been positive and I am thankful for the many relationships I have built during my tenure. Improving facilities continues to be one of my main focus points and this year our renovation of the wrestling room, men’s basketball locker room, and the addition of restrooms to the basement of the Riney Student Center will benefit many student-athletes.
Joining Beaver Backers is a way to support our student-athletes. With your continued support, we can make Pratt Community College Athletics relevant in the Jayhawk Conference. Those who follow this conference know the Jayhawk is one if not the best Junior College conference in the nation. We should be proud to be part of it! Thanks for considering Beaver Backers for the 2022-23 school year.
Go Beavers! 

-Tim Swartzendruber

Director of Athletics, Pratt Community College

Beaver Backers Mission Statement

The Pratt Community College Beaver Backers is an organization dedicated to supporting, promoting and advancing Pratt Community College athletics. Pratt Community College Athletics promotes an environment that encourages student-athletes to reach their maximum potential in academic progress, athletic competition, and personal development. The Beaver Backers is an organization that will assist Pratt Community College with providing the support and resources necessary for student-athletes to achieve success in each of these pursuits.

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