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The Sports Medicine Department at Pratt Community College (PCC) works tirelessly to provide injury prevention, clinical evaluation/diagnosis, immediate care, treatment/rehabilitation/reconditioning to all PCC student-athletes. Staff members are also continually aware of the ever-changing practices in athletic training. It is also important that this program compliments and coordinates with the vision and values of PCC including excellence, integrity, equity, service, respect, accountability, and discovery.


The mission of the Pratt Community Sports Medicine Department is to provide all varsity student-athletes with the highest quality medical care. It is this department’s highest priority to advocate for the overall health, safety and well-being of all of the student-athletes and to help them perform at their highest level. These student athletes are provided the highest level of care and treatment in accordance with the National Board of Certification Standards of Professional Practice, the Kansas State Athletic Trainers’ Licensure Protocol, the Pratt Community College Athletic Department Policies and Procedures, the Pratt Community College Athletic Training Policies and Procedures.

Sports Medicine Team

Team Physician: Dr. Jaya Shanmugam M.D. and Dr. Scott Gordon, D.P.M., Pratt Regional Medical Center

Head Athletic Trainer: Jake Hart

          The Pratt Community College sports medicine team includes a full array of medical professionals including a staff orthopedic physician, 2 certified athletic trainers, athletic training students, the school nurse as needed and specialists that are available for referral. Collectively these professionals provide all PCC student-athletes with the most comprehensive medical care possible. 


Athletic Training Facilities


The main athletic training room is located in the Dennis Lesh Sports Arena on the lower floor near the MBB locker room. This is where all treatments and rehabilitations take place. 


  • 8-12 OPEN for treatment, evaluation, and rehab
  • 12-1 CLOSED for Lunch
  • 1-6 OPEN for pre-game/pre-practice treatments
  • Weekends ONLY for pre-arranged events/practices – otherwise on-call as needed
  • Training room will be open 2 hours before game time for pre-game treatments

Athletic Training Room

One of the larger athletic training rooms in the Jayhawk Conference, the home of the PCC sports medicine team features 2 full ice baths, a dual ice machine, 2 game-ready machines with various attachments, a combination electrical stimulation and ultrasound unit as well as a variety of rehabilitation equipment for our student-athletes. The training room is located in the Lesh Sports Arena, in the southeast corner.
This photos were taken during yearly physicals our student athletes are required to get before competing. A big shoutout to the Pratt Regional Medical Center for helping our sports medicine staff with physicals. 


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